UNION: EMC (AEA Eligible)  |  (301)448.2696

Height: 5"4  |  Body Type: Athletic  |  Eyes: Green  |  Hair: Light Brown//Red


Life Sucks      |    Sonia     |     Dobama Theatre    |    Nathan Motta 

Marie Antionette and the Magical Negroes* | u/s Marie, King Louis | Story Theatre | Terry Guest                                                                                                                                         

The Old Man and The Old Moon | Matheson//Violin | Dobama Theatre | Melissa Crum,

                                                                                                                         Nathan Motta

2 unfortunate 2 travel  |  Peyton//Violinist  |  Prop Thtr  |  Zach Weinberg

Indecent  |  Violinist u/s  |  Victory Gardens Theater  |  Gary Griffin

May Day  |  Jew(el)  |  Rhinofest @ Prop Thtr  |  Anna Gelman, Zach Weinberg

Pinocchio    |   Fox//Violinist    |   Peterborough Players    |  Gus Kaikkonen

Charley's Aunt  |  Ela u/s  |  Peterborough Players  |  Charles Morey

The Jungle Book  |  Young Woman  |  Peterborough Players  |  Kathy Manfre

* Denotes an Upcoming Production


Widows   Girl in Car with Ken  |  20th Century Fox  |  Steve McQueen

I Guess I'm Talking About This Now | Lead | Project 28 | Anna Gelman


Cowboy Play  |  Rodeo Queen  |  Interrobang Theatre Company  |  Angela Forshee

The Enchanted | Gilberte | Oberlin College | Book by John Kander & Greg Pierce

2 unfortunate 2 travel  |  Prop Thtr  | Ensemble//Violinist  |  Zach Weinberg


Oberlin College  |  BA in Theatre, Concentration in Acting. Minor: Art History

Moscow Art Theatre School  |  Acting, Droznin Movement, Voice, Ballet, Stage Combat


Actors Gymnasium (2018-Present)  |  Hand Balancing, Partner Acrobatics, Contortion  | 

Michel Rodriguez, Scott Dare, Oyuna Yadamajav 


MSA & Circus Arts (2019)  |  Sports Acrobatics  |  Nourbol Meirmanov ​

 Chicago Shakespeare Theater (2018)  |  Shakespearean Comedy  |  Ross Lehman

New York (2015-Present)  |  Musical Theatre Voice  |  Tyler Knauf


Fiddle  |  Gabe Witcher (Punch Brothers)


DIALECTS: Regional American, British, Irish

LANGUAGES: Russian (Tourist, Conversational)

INSTRUMENTS: Violin (18yrs: Folk, Classical), Ukulele (Functional), Can Read Music

VOICE: Soprano (G3-C6), Mix Belt, Folk/Country, Relative Pitch

SPORTS: Yoga (Hatha, Bikram), Distance Running, Droznin Acrobatics, Biking, Prolonged Hula-Hoop

OTHER: Stage Combat (Unarmed), Driver's License, Valid Passport, Knitting, Exorcist Walk

LOCAL HIRE: Chicago, Washington, DC, New York